Finding your ring size at home is actually very easy. Follow our tips below to find out what size to chose before you add your favourite piece to cart. 

How to measure:

An easy way to find your ring size is by using a measuring tape.

  • Chose the finger that you want to wear the ring on. Place the measuring tape around your finger into a circle.

  • Adjust the fit of the measuring tape circle to ensure that it is comfortable. Make sure to move the circle over your knuckles. It should not be to tight!

  • Write down your fit in millimeters. The number of millimeters is your ring size. E.g. do you measure your finger to be 52 mm - you fit a 52 size ring.

When you are measuring your ring size there are a few points to keep in mind. Ensure that you have the right size by measuring mutiple times. Be aware that your fingers may vary in size during the day depending on temperature and humidity. 

If you do not have a measuring tape you can use a length of string to wrap around your finger. Mark where the string overlaps with a pen and measure the length with a ruler. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if your have any questions or trouble finding your size.

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